Marker Advocates of Tobyhanna Township


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About Our Historical Markers

Tobyhanna Township has a program to locate roadside historical markers throughout the township.

To date we have raised money to place 25 markers close to locations or areas of historical significance.

The markers are cast aluminum, painted with a green background and cream letters. Measuring 24 inches high by 18 inches wide, the markers are securely mounted to permanently installed steel poles.

Each marker is two-sided, providing a view from either direction for motorists, bicyclists and pedestrians to see.

As an added feature, each marker pole has a large “QR” code sign which visitors with smartphones can scan for more information located on the marker’s webpage.

MATT thanks Lake Shore Industries in Erie for its quality manufacturing of our historical markers. Established in 1908, Lake Shore has an aluminum foundry, producing durable street signs, historical markers and commercial castings, all “Made in America.”

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 Download the Historical Marker Driving Tour PDF and print
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Additional local history locations will be considered that meet the qualifications of being “meritorious, historically significant and interesting.”

Help the Marker Advocates of Tobyhanna Township

The Tobyhanna Township Roadside Historical Marker Program is a community-wide, volunteer effort spearheaded by the Marker Advocates of Tobyhanna Township (MATT).

MATT is a nonprofit association dedicated to this program. Volunteers serving in committees seek the funding, research and write the text, install the markers, arrange for a public dedication and establish a long-term awareness campaign through a touring map and a web site.

Be part of our heritage — Donate an historical marker

  • Through identification of the important facets of our rich history — existing and lost landmarks, important events and activities, and our people — we will realize the goal of a community-wide network of roadside historical markers. Our community can now and for future decades and generations appreciate our heritage.
  • Each roadside historical marker will ensure the preservation of our local history and heritage, while providing an important educational opportunity that is accessible to the public, free of charge.
  • This program will build community pride while enhancing “heritage tourism,” recognized as a strong and desirable sector of our economy.

Sponsors donating the full cost of a marker are permanently recognized on the bottom of the marker, and with a link on the marker website. Additional appreciation is shared with the community through a public dedication ceremony, as well as a touring map, web site and other materials.

For more information on becoming a sponsor:

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Read the history of the Tobyhanna Township historical marker project