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Pocono Lake United Methodist Church

Contributed by the Church | June 2012

Supplemented with History of the Wyoming Conference of the Methodist Episcopal Church, by A.F.Chaffee, 1904

Many years ago in this beautiful part of the Pocono Mountains, a handful of people of abiding faith listened to their first Methodist sermon, the occasion being the funeral of a young child, son of Jonas Hay. The year was 1868 and the preacher was the Reverend D. Larch. The village at that time was known as Tomkinsville.

Soon after this, services were started in the schoolhouse. Subsequently the Reformed church was used. For a short time before 1894, services were discontinued. In October 1894, services were resumed in the Reformed church, later being held at different places: the Patriotic Order of Sons of America . Hall (later known as the American Legion Hall); a room over F.C. Miller’s store; I. J. Angle’s house, and the Smiley’s home were all used before going into the new church.


Pocono Lake United Methodist Church, dedicated August 31, 1902

In May 1901, the church was incorporated, being gifted and deeded with land by Mr. Charles Gravel in August. The location was today’s parking lot next to the Tobyhanna Elementary School on Old Route 940. The church was built at a cost of $2,100 and dedicated a year later on August 31, 1902 by Rev. J. F. Warner, who preached in the morning from 2 Corinthians 9:15. The evening sermon was by Rev. J.N. Meaker from Isaih 11:11. The congregation became known as the Pocono Lake Methodist Episcopal Church.

Mr. Joseph W. Powell managed the finances. A balance of $700 was asked (in exact figures, $631) and received. An Epworth League of 34 members and a Junior League of 16 members were organized during the day. At the evening service there were a number of conversions, and 25 persons were received into the church on probation and by letter.

In the year 1914, under the pastorate of the Rev. J.B. Zweigig, the Pocono Lake United Methodist Church was taken off the Thornhurst Charge and with a newly built parsonage, endeavored to go on their own. But many difficulties make it necessary to return to the Charge in about 1916. The parsonage was sold in 1921 to Henry Burger and under the Rev. Harry Roof, the Thornhurst Charge was again dropped around 1928.

In the intervening years, a number of ministers served, some of whom were students. During the ministry of the Rev. Harry T. Wells, 1931, the church was raised and a furnace installed to replace the stove in the Sanctuary. The interior of the church was also renovated.

On June 28, 1956, during the pastorate of the Rev. Kenneth Heckman, the organ was installed and dedicated. In 1965, the basement was remodeled. Kenneth R. Gay was the pastor at that time.


Pocono Lake United Methodist Church, dedicated May 4, 1981

In June 1973, the Rev. Theodore E. McCabe became pastor. During the next five years, membership increased and the plans were made for a new church building to be located on a site next to the new parsonage on Route 940. Generous acreage was gifted and deeded to the church by the goodness of Mr. Sterling Wagner and his sister, Mrs. Edna Shaffer. The new church was dedicated on May 4, 1981.

Pocono Lake United Methodist Church
1188 Route 940
Pocono Lake, PA 18347

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