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Pocono Lake Wesleyan Church

Written by Homer Argot | August 3, 2012

My grandfather Michael Argot was instrumental in starting the Pilgrim Holiness Church. Until then, my grandparents attended the Locust Ridge Methodist Church.

The Pilgrim Holiness Church had a college in Allentown. They used to send speakers to Michael Argot’s farm, holding tent meetings there. Through these meetings people found the Lord and I guess became dissatisfied with their Methodist church. That started the Pilgrim Holiness Church in 1926.

In the early days we had Sunday School classes in the morning and worship Sunday evening. Wednesday evening we had prayer meeting and for a time, cottage prayer meeting on Friday evenings.

The original church was 26 feet by 32 feet. In 1953-1954, an addition of 20 feet by 20 feet was constructed. Then in 1975 another addition of 26 feet by 28 feet was built, which involved restrooms for the first time. No more outhouse!

In 1992 we added 30 feet by 44 feet more room and a fellowship hall.

Rev. Baker was the first pastor. Mary Eckhart was an early pastor who was instrumental in my mother finding the Lord. George Culver was pastor followed by Rev. Lutz. The first pastor I remember was Rev. Hoffman who was here from 1936 to 1942. He was followed by Rev. Campbell (1942-1946), then by the following:

  • Rev. Hostetter 1946-1950
  • Rev. Gangaware 1950-1959
  • Rev. Chappel 1959-1964
  • Rev. Bilmline 1964-1968
  • Rev. Garver 1868-1972
  • Rev. Campbell 1872-1974
  • Rev. Adams 1974-1978
  • Rev. Nelson 1978-1981
  • Rev. Baugess 1981-1986
  • Rev. Johnson 1986-1998
  • Rev. Baney 1998-2000
  • Rev. Sillman 2000-2007

Rev. Luke Richards and Rev. Carey Richards both are ordained pastors who are serving our congregation from 2007 to present.

We used to have two revival services a year. We would get a special speaker and singers. This lasted about 10 days to revive the people and special emphasis on people finding the Lord.

Sunday School used to be larger than the morning worship service. But as time passed the Sunday School numbers got smaller and the morning worship service was the largest service attended. We still have Sunday evening service and Wednesday evening prayer meeting. A group of our people go to Brookmont Nursing Home on Tuesdays.

Pocono Lake Wesleyan Church, with parsonage at right

In 1968 the Pilgrim Holiness Church and the Wesleyan Methodist Church merged, and the Pocono Lake Wesleyan Church is here.

The local board of administration includes the Sunday superintendent, treasurer, secretary, trustees and a member-at-large. The district recommends some ministers, who come for a trial service and meet the people of the church. The board recommends the pastor to the church if they want him or her, and the people of the church vote.

The pastor is elected for two years, then four years or eight years, at the Board’s notion. The pastor is elected by the people of the church and is not placed here by the district.

We believe in the Trinity — the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. We believe in the virgin birth of Christ. We believe Christ died to forgive us from our sins. No more animal sacrifice as in the Old Testament. We believe we must believe in Christ and repent our sins to be able to go to heaven. We believe the Bible is the inspired word of God.

Pocono Lake Wesleyan Church
203 Spur Road
Pocono Lake, Pa. 18347

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