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November 9, 2016



November 9, 2016 • 5:30 p.m.
Clymer Library, 115 Firehouse Road, Pocono Pines, Pa.

Speaker: Dr. Brian Alnutt — The Korean War

The meeting was opened promptly at 10:30 by Vice President Kris Avery. She led all present in the Pledge of Allegiance

As the last meeting of the season, Kris welcomed all members and non-members (21 and 3 respectively) to the meeting. The announcements made were regarding the Home for the Holiday concert and details concerning date and time, ticket needs, refreshment needs and other issues.

She also announced that the next meeting will be in April for the 2017 season. No other business was discussed.

Kris introduced the guest speaker, Dr. Brian Alnutt, who graciously came to us to talk about the history of the Korean War – “The Korean War in Context”. But first he gave a very short lecture on the nature of ‘nasty elections’ which have taken place throughout the history of the USA. It was most enlightening!

Dr. Alnutt began his Korean War lecture by stating the incredible endurance and commitment of our veterans especially in this ‘the forgotten’ war! His description of the harsh conditions and the strength of their unity was impressive beyond belief.

Dr. Alnutt then gave a political and geographic descriptive context to the events perceiving the war over the great divide! His historical depictions began as early as 1870 with the Chinese dynasties, the coming of the first US missionaries and the description of the barren and cold land which is the Korean peninsula. During the early 1900’s – the Age of Imperialism – the Japanese and Russians fought over Korea and in 1910, Japan made Korea a territory. Then came World War I with the anti-imperialism movement, the rise of a Korean (Sigmund Reed) and the emergence of Communism.

World War II found Korea split at the 38th parallel, a temporary fix but in 1948, Reed arrived back in Korea to rule the southern half of Korea but he wanted more – and a battle ensued bringing in US forces. Simultaneously, China erupted in a power struggle AND Stalin was on the move in Russia! These unsettled situations led the US to become more and more aggressive in defending the Korea south of the 38th parallel. But then Gen. MacArthur pushed for more territory north of the 38th parallel and moved troops to the edge of the Yalu River. Because they stopped there, and because of the multiple uprisings and changes of power in Russia and China, the US pulled back, thus again resetting the 38 parallel as the cut off between the north and the south.

We are reminded by Dr. Alnutt that the war is NOT over but ended with a cease fire on July 27, 1953. This is the reason why the US continues to have troops in Korea.

Respectfully submitted,
Peggy Rapp, Secretary
Approved by Board of Directors members who attended 11/21/16